European Coarse Powder Mill

European version coarse grinding is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises such as metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, cement, limestone, raw coal, silicon carbide, dry coal stone, construction, sand making, refractories and ceramics. It is engaged in medium crushing, coarse powder and fine crushing of materials.

Applications: Cement, limestone, raw coal, silicon carbide, dry coal, construction, sand making, refractory and ceramics.

10t/h~100t/hCapacity ≤100mmFeed Size


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01Product Brief Introduction

European style coarse grinding is a coarse powder grinding device designed in combination with the needs of the field of coarse powder processing. The finished materials are a mixture of granular and dust. After screening, fine sand and fine powder can be obtained at the same time. It is also a coarse powder mill equipment that cannot be replaced in the field of coarse powder processing inside and outside the industry.

02Product Brief Introduction

  • High production capacity and low power consumption.

  • The mechanical structure is simple, compact and light.

  • Large crushing ratio.

  • Low investment cost.

  • Uniform particle size of finished products.

  • Easy to manage.

European rough grinding

03Working Principle

European rough grinding

The main machine drives the main shaft through the motor and V-belt, so as to rotate the rotor. The centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the hammer head extends around. After large pieces of materials enter the crushing chamber from the feed port, they are broken by the high-speed hammer. The qualified materials after crushing are discharged from the castor bar with gap at the lower part, and the unqualified materials are left in the crushing chamber and repeatedly acted by hammer and bearing iron block until they can be discharged qualified. In order to avoid blockage, the water content of crushed materials is generally not more than 5%.

04Technical Parameters

European Coarse Powder Mill

型号 PC4008-75 PC4012-90 PC4015-132
转子直径/mm 750 900 1150
转子长度/mm 800 1200 1500
转子转速r/min 800-1000 800-1000 550-800
进料口尺寸/mm  320×930 400×1200 500×1500
最大给料粒度/mm <30 <40 <50
出料粒度/mm 0-3 0-3 0-8
处理能力t/h 15-30 30-60 60-100
电动机功率/Kw 75 90 132
外型尺寸L×W×H/mm 2310×1665×1610 2840×2100×2020 3720×2650×2540

05Working Principle

Note: the above is the display of finished materials, which can be used for crushing more than 200 kinds of materials at the same time

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