Sand Recovery Device

It is widely used in crushing and screening combined equipment in metallurgy, coal mine, mineral processing, building materials, chemical industry, abrasive and other industries

Applications: River pebble, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, calcite, quartzite, diabase

50-880m³/hCapacity 85-95%Rate of recovery


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01Product Features

The fine sand recovery machine is widely used for the recovery of fine particle materials such as mud purification, sand and gravel aggregate system of hydropower stations, glass raw material processing system, artificial sand production line and the recovery of coarse slime in coal preparation plants. The loss of fine sand in wet sand production is the main factor to reduce the content of finished sand and stone powder. The use of Baichen fine sand recycling machine not only increases the output, but also solves the problem of low content of stone powder, reduces water and soil pollution, and benefits the country and the people!

Sand Recovery Device
Sand Recovery Device
Sand Recovery Device

02Product Features

  • The fine sand recovery device can effectively reduce the loss of fine sand and solve the problem of high fineness and low content of finished sand in the artificial sand processing system.

  • The fine sand recovery system can recover 55% - 80% of the fine particle materials in the total discharge, and can be adjusted at any time. It has incomparable technical and economic advantages compared with other equipment.

  • The fine particles are fully recovered, reducing the workload of the sedimentation tank and reducing the cleaning cost of the sedimentation tank

  • The fine sand recovery system reduces the natural stacking time of fine materials and can be directly transported to the market.

Sand Recovery Device

03Working Principle

Sand Recovery Device

At present, most of the existing artificial sand production lines adopt wet production process. Regardless of any form of sand washing machine, its biggest disadvantage is the serious loss of fine sand (particles above 0.16mm), some even more than 20%, which not only loses output, but also seriously affects the grading of sand for artificial sand making, resulting in unreasonable grading and coarse fineness mesh, The product quality of manufactured sand is greatly reduced. Excessive fine sand discharge will also cause environmental pollution. The factory has successfully developed CS series fine sand extraction equipment in view of the above problems such as the loss of fine sand and the inability to treat the mud water for manual sand making, resulting in pollution.

04Technical Parameters

Sand Recovery Device

Model Power    De-Water Screen Capacity(m3/h)
Model  Power
CL-JX3-1022 15 1022 1.5X2 50-65
CW-JX3-1022 15 1022 1.5X2 60-75
CL-JX6-1230 18.5 1230 2.2X2 130-140
CW-JX6-1533 22 1533 2.2X2 150-160
CL-JX9-1537 22 1537 3.0X2 200-220
CW-JX9-1537 30 1537 3.0X2 200-220
CL-JX12-1537 37 1537 3.0X2 260-280
CW-JX12-1537 37 1537 3.0X2 300-320
CW-JX15-1842 45 1842 3.7X2 330-370
CL-JX18-1842 44 1842 3.7X2 400-440
CW-JX18-1842 60 1842 3.7X2 400-480
CL-JX27-1842 66 1842 3.7X2 600-660
CW-JX27-1842 90 1842 3.7X2 600-660
CL-JX36-2048 88 2048 5.5X2 800-880
CW-JX36-2048 120 2048 5.5X2 800-880

05Working Principle

Note: the above is the display of finished materials, which can be used for crushing more than 200 kinds of materials at the same time

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