DG Series Cone Crusher

widely used in quarry, mining, coal mining, concrete mixing station, dry mortar,power plant and so on.

Applications: river stone, granite, basalt, iron ore, quartz, diabase , iron ore, gold ore, copper ore, etc

60-560Max.feeding Size(mm) 75-630Power(kw)


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01Product Features

DG series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has a combination of crushing machinery, hydraulic, electrical, automation and intelligent control technology. The machine is the high efficient crusher which represents advanced systematic crusher technology researched and developed independently. widely used in metal and non-metallic minerals, cement, sand, metallurgy and other industries of medium, fine and ultra-fine crushing operations. It has the advantages of high crushing efficiency, low production cost, convenient maintenance and adjustment, excellent grain type of broken products and so on. DG series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is composed of upper frame, middle frame, lower frame, moving cone, eccentric sleeve, transmission part, hydraulic cylinder part and so on. The horizontal shaft rotates by the motor, the horizontal shaft rotates the eccentric sleeve through the spiral bevel gear meshing, and then the eccentric sleeve drives the moving cone to make the rotation swing, thus realizing the continuous extrusion crushing.

DG Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher
DG Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher
DG Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

02Product Features

  • Lubrication and hydraulic integration, low production cost.

    The integrated design of hydraulic pressure station and lubricating station save installation space. Optimized components layout and tank volume can make operation and maintenance simple and decrease operating cost.

  • Optimized designed structure brings long service life

    Sliding bearing adopts special oil wedge design, which can avoid direct frictional contact between shaft and bearing. Reinforced frame structure and special bearing materials have large carrying capacity and high reliability, which can extend the service life of this equipment.

  • Laminating crushing; Good product shapes and large production capacity

    The machine adopts the principle of laminating crushing, which improves product shape to be cubic. The reasonable coordination of eccentricity, cavity shape and parameters greatly improves the production capacity and efficiency of the equipment.

  • Integration of discharge port adjustment and overload protection ;Reliable performance.

    DG series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher integrates discharge opening adjustment and overload protection functions as a whole, which simplifies the structure and enhances the reliability. All different sizes have different cavity types to meet different crushing requirements. All maintenances are processed from the upper part, which makes maintenance more convenient.

  • The best cavity design and adjustable stroke

    DG series cone crushers can be easily adjusted for different production requirements. With a wide selection of cavities, the same crusher can be used in 2nd, 3rd or 4th crushing stages, producing different end product sizes, and meets the different demands of customers. The stroke change feature allows crusher through-put to be easily adjusted to work in harmony with the rest of the crushing plant. The adjustable stroke also allows you to attain proper choke feed conditions and optimum crusher settings, ensuring the maximum yield of a required end product size.

DG Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

03Working Principle

DG Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

DG series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is mainly composed of upper bracket, middle bracket, bottom bracket, movable cone, eccentric sleeve, transmission and hydraulic cylinder. The whole working process of this machine is that motor drives rotation of horizontal axis, horizontal axis drives the rotation of eccentric sleeve through the spiral bevel gear, and then eccentric sleeve would drive the rotary oscillation of movable cone so as to realize the continuous extrusion. The adjustment of hydraulic cylinder at the bottom of movable cone can drive main shaft thus driving movable cone move up and down to easily adjust the space of movable cone and the lining plate of fixed cone, then the product size will be controlled. Hydraulic cylinder also has the function of overload protection. When materials that cannot be crushed (such as iron) enter into crushing chamber, the accumulator will be triggered, then the hydraulic cylinder will drop movable cone to release the iron and recover normal crushing automatically, which can protect the crusher perfectly.

04Technical Parameters

DG Series Cone Crusher

Model Cavity Feeding size Discharge opening adjustment range Processing capacity Power Dimensions
DG100 Rough 150 16-40 60-125 75-90 1700X1600X2650
Medium 100 14-35 50-100
Thin 60 10-30 40-90
DG200 Rough 180 16-50 120-230 132-160 2100X1800X3100
Medium 140 14-40 100-210
Thin 70 10-30 80-180
DG300 Rough 200 20-60 200-400 220-250 2600X2200X3800
Medium 140 16-45 160-350
Thin 90 12-35 130-280
DG400 Rough 230 20-65 260-500 280-315 2800X2400X3900
Medium 160 16-50 200-400
Thin 100 12-40 160-350
DG500 Rough 250 20-70 350-650 315-400 2800X2400X3900
Medium 170 16-50 280-500
Thin 100 12-40 200-450
DG650 Rough 300 20-75 400-750 450-500 3160X2600X4250
Medium 200 16-55 320-660
Thin 120 12-45 280-500
DG800 Rough 350 20-75 450-880 560-630 3350X2800X4450
Medium 260 16-55 360-750
Thin 160 12-45 300-690
DG100S Extra Coarse 200 25-50 80-190 75-90 1700X1600X2900
DG200S Extra Coarse 250 30-70 160-280 132-160 2100X1800X3400
DG300S Extra Coarse 300 35-75 260-500 220-250 2400X2000X3600
DG400S Extra Coarse 400 50-95 380-650 280-315 2600X2200X4100
DG500S Extra Coarse 480 50-115 500-900 315-400 2800X2400X4900
DG650S Extra Coarse 500 60-120 600-1050 450-500 3160X2600X5280
DG800S Extra Coarse 560 70-130 710-1200 560-630 3350X2800X5560

05Working Principle


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Note: the above is the display of finished materials, which can be used for crushing more than 200 kinds of materials at the same time

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