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How to install the sand making machine and matters needing attention

26 Apr,2022

In various sand production lines and sand making production lines, sand making machines are generally equipment that accompanies crushers for re-crushing. Therefore, its installation has a lot to do with the crusher.


The first-choice equipment on the sand making machine-made sand production line is very important in the application and installation of the sand making machine during the sand making process. If it is not installed correctly, it will not only cause damage to the sand making equipment, but more importantly, the sand making machine. The operator caused personal injury.


During installation, the sand making machine should be leveled so that its main shaft is perpendicular to the horizontal plane. Appropriate space should be left above and on both sides of the sand making machine for lifting and maintenance. After the installation is completed, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out, such as whether the lubricating oil pipe is firmly connected. Be sure to add lubricating oil again before the test operation of the Shanghai sand making machine, and check whether the connection between the parts is firm and reliable, whether there is foreign matter on the impeller, and whether the motor wiring is correct. After running, if there is any abnormality, stop running immediately.


Depending on the crushing site, the location of the sand making machine will be different. It is generally installed in a factory building or an open field for operations. Before installing the sand making machine, check the packing list to check whether the various parts are worn or not during transportation and whether they are complete.

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