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Under the epidemic situation, Zhengzhou Jemelon Mining Machine's 2020 development plan

26 Apr,2022

 After 20 years of accumulation and precipitation, Zhengzhou Jemelon Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has improved its product series and improved its workforce. The company’s leaders have made detailed plans for the future:


1. Strengthen the company's management, mainly production safety management. Always put safety in the first place, improve the production management system, and implement it.


2. Pay attention to environmental protection and regard environmental governance as an important work of the enterprise. Standardize the environmental management of the workshop and the environmental governance of the factory area to become a green and environmentally friendly production enterprise.


3. Strengthen team building and introduce high-quality talents. According to the company's strategic development plan, the company continues to introduce senior talents, especially professional technical talents and management talents.


4. Combining with the market situation, continuously improve and improve the series of products, and gradually transform into a model with technology as the core and products leading the market.


5. Strengthen the company's cultural construction and form core values. The perfect combination of traditional enterprises and the advantages of the Internet age makes the company a professional and dynamic enterprise.


6. Strengthen corporate image building, focus on corporate reputation, assume corporate social responsibilities, and let the company become a benchmark for guiding the development of the industry.

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