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Technology determines height and service creates value

04 Feb,2023

    With the development of society, the requirements of the mining machinery industry for products have been greatly improved, requiring more convenient use, cheaper prices, higher automation, and better after-sales service system.


    Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., Ltd., has always taken improving product quality and establishing a full-process service system as its own responsibility.

    Through unremitting efforts and considerable development, the company has long-term partners in more than 20 countries, including Poland, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Peru, Ecuador, etc.

    At the end of 2022, our company successively received orders for equipment demand, especially the old customers who have cooperated with Poland for many years. The cone crusher ordered by this customer has been the twelfth order since its cooperation with our company. The customers have maintained a high praise attitude towards the service and product quality provided by our company from the beginning to the end, and the products and production lines ordered from our company have been in good operation, The production efficiency is in line with customer expectations.


   Our company will continue to innovate and seek its own breakthroughs with its exquisite technology and excellent quality pursuit, and strive to provide customers with more efficient, environmentally friendly and comprehensive equipment and services in the future development.

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