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Cold winter does not stop the enthusiasm, Shunky starts the new journey of Malaysia

01 Dec,2022

  At the beginning of November 2022. Shunky Machinery received a customer recommendation from an old customer in Malaysia. The customer needs to add a high-quality shale shaker to the 300 ton per hour limestone crushing production line. After understanding the customer's actual needs, Shunky Machinery immediately started the preliminary design work, and tailored the customer's production line from the aspects of inherent foundation, host structure, screen material, motor configuration, etc, We have customized high-quality vibrating screens that meet the needs of customers. The customer highly praised Shunky Machinery for its quick response to demand, and quickly finalized the cooperation relationship with Shunky Machinery on the vibrating screen project.


  [Raw material] Limestone

  [Use] Building materials

  [Discharge] 0-12mm 12-38mm 38-63mm

  [Design output] 300 t/h

  [Equipment] 3YZS1532 vibrating screen * 2 sets


  In recent years, driven by the "the Belt and Road" initiative, China and Malaysia have very close trade exchanges. China has become Malaysia's largest trading partner for eight consecutive years. In 2015. Chinese companies invested 8 billion yuan in the construction field of Malaysia, accounting for almost half of the total amount of all foreign contractors' projects. Today, China remains Malaysia's largest trading partner The status of the largest import source country and the second largest export destination country.


  Against this background, the demand for crushing and screening equipment in the Malaysian market is self-evident. The vibrating screen export project will certainly play an exemplary role, reflecting the craftsmanship spirit of Shunky Machinery. At present, Shunky Machinery's after-sales tracking team has intervened in advance, established contact with the customer's on-site personnel, and made preparations for accessories in advance, so as to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of the equipment.

  Serving global customers, Shunky has always been focusing on all aspects of the whole chain!

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