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How do we buy better sand making machine equipment

26 Apr,2022

 The customer buys the sand making machine with the purpose of making money through the sand making equipment. Before purchasing sand making equipment, in order to better choose equipment and obtain greater benefits, it is necessary to do some preparatory work. The following is a brief introduction of the preliminary work we need to prepare:


1. The key is to have resources, that is, contract mines or river sections, and understand the materials of the resources. Whether the sand machine is natural sand or river sand, you must know whether the stone is weathered or loose.


2. How much demand is needed, taking into account the preliminary plan, as well as the coordination of the site and the power supply;


3. Understand the equipment quality of some sand making machine manufacturers, and inform the sales staff of their own situation, so that the sales staff can configure the corresponding plan and related quotation for themselves, and choose the solution that they are satisfied with;


4. It is to check the gravel production line equipment of each manufacturer. According to the sand-making site situation, the production situation of the factory and the reputation of each stone factory, these manufacturers were scored and one was selected.


Only by recognizing the existing problems can we better transform the sand making machine and optimize the design. The equipment suitable for sand making mainly includes bar grinder, hammer type, impact type, third-generation sand making machine equipment, cone crusher, etc. Each of these devices has advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a device, you need to carefully study its size and power. It must adapt to the objective environment of the production line. It should match the feed granularity, production capacity and efficiency.

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