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Vacuum filter Machine

Vacuum filter machine is equipment that based on vacuum negative pressure to realize the impetus solid-liquid separationIn the structure, the filter section is arranged along the horizontal length ,it can finish continuous filtration, washing, dry, cloth regeneration operations.The rubber filter with high filtration efficiency, strong production capacity, washing effect, low cake moisture, flexible operation, and lower maintenance cost. Now Vacuum filter machine is widely used in metallurgy, mine, chemical industry, paper making, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other fields of solid-liquid separation, especially in the flue gas desulfurization gypsum dehydration.The machine is an outside filtering surface drum permanent magnetic vacuum filter for supplying top part, mainly used for the dewatering of coarse granule magnetic materials. Strontium ferrite permanent magnetic system is installed inside the drum, which can quickly adsorb magnetic granule to the surface of f...


Vacuum filter machine is equipment that based on vacuum negative pressure to realize the impetus solid-liquid separation. Vacuum filter machine can be divided into intermittent vacuum filter and continuity vacuum filter. Intermittent vacuum filter can filter the various suspension concentrations, continuity vacuum filter is  suitable for filtering solid particles containing more thick suspension.Intermittent vacuum filter realize great development because of automation. To get the low moisture of the residues, the mechanical compression of the filter has been developed.

Suspension gets in the cavity, under the action of the pressure through the filter medium into the lower chamber and become filtrate. Solid particles being trapped in the surface of filter medium and form a residue (or filter cake). During the filtering process, filter medium surface stored up more and more residue, so the pass resistance increased and filter speed decreased. When the filter room was filled with residue, filtering speed slowed down and then stops filtering. At this moment, you can clear the residue and make the filter medium regeneration to complete the filtering circulation.   The liquid must overcome the resistance of the dregs layer and filter media , there must have a pressure difference on both sides of the filter media, which is the driving force to achieve filtering. Increase the pressure difference can speed up the filter, but the compression deformation of the particles because of the large pressure difference can easy to plug the filter media , this actually slows pore filter. Suspension filtered dregs has layer filtration, deep bed filtration and three ways of sieving . Residue layer filter is formed the initial dregs layer after the beginning of filtration, since on the filter plays a major role of the residue layer , then large and small particles are interception; deep bed filtration filter medium thick suspension containing less of the solid particles, and particles smaller than the pores of the filter media, filter particles into the pores of the filter after the adsorption sieve filter retention of solid particles are larger than the pores of the filter media within the filter media adsorption filtration of solid particles, such as the tumble filter screen to filter out coarse impurities in the sewage.  Three ways are used in the actual filtering process,they often appear simultaneously or successively . The processing capacity of the filter depends on the filtration rate. Solid particles in suspension, when the particle size is uniform ,the filtered residues pore relatively smooth ,flow of filtrate through the filter residue layer has a fast speed. Applications cohesion agent will be fine particles assembled in large clumps to help to improve the filtration rate.The solid particle  suspension used in the upper part of the filter media feeding the filter, the filter direction is consistent with the direction of gravity, the coarse particles first settlement, and can reduce the clogging of the filter media and filter residue layer;for the difficult to filter of the suspension (such as diatomaceous earth, such as colloidal) mixed with expanded perlite and coarse solid particles allows residues layers become loose; when filtrate is viscosity, heating the suspension to reduce the viscosity. These measures can accelerate the filtration velocity.



    Model No.GYW-3GYW-5GYW-8GYW-12GYW-20
    Filtering area (m2)3581220
    DrumDiameter (mm)160020002250
    Length (mm)700900140020002650
    rotating speed (r/min)0.5~2.0
    vacuum degree (kpa)60~80
    swept volume (m³/min)0.5~2.0
    blast pressure (kpa)10~30
    blast volume (m³/min)0.1~0.5
    Magnetic field intensity (GS)820GS870GS
    ore density≥60%
    Dimension (mm)1895*2506*20872110*2755*25002610*2905*25003210*2905*2500
    Weight (t)3.273.944.765.426.5
    MotorModel No.Y100L-6Y112M-6Y132M1-6
    Power (kw)1.52.24
    Speed (r/min)940960