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Shaking Table

Shaking table is a kind of gravity separation equipment for fine materials widely used to separate stannum, tungsten, gold, silver, lead, zinc, tantalum, niobium, iron, manganese, ferrous titanium, coal, and so on. Shunky shaking table has developed under constant innovation in a family of a long history including the initial shaking table with straight bar surface , the shaking table with single wave shaped surface (1970's), the shaking table with double wave shaped surface (1990's), and greatly improved the handling capacity, the recycling ratio, and the beneficiation ratio.


6-S shaking table (also called 6S shaking table, ore separation shaking table, glass inforced steel shaking table) is a kind of gravity separation equipment deriving from plane chute, and has formed its own system with characteristic of dissymmetric reciprocating motion. It consists of the surface, the rack, and the transmission device. The surface takes a shape of trapezoid or rhombus with a 1°~5° transverse angle, and connects with ore feeding chute and water feeding chute above the sloping edge. The surface is installed with bars longitudinally of a height reducing from the transmission end to the opposite end. The whole surface is supported on the rack, and installed at one of its end with the transmission device which drives the surface to reach the tail end and come back fast, i.e. the differential motion.  

6-S shaking table is a common equipment used to separate fine ores with an effective separation size range of 3~0.019 mm for metal ores, and 10 mm top limit for coals. It is famous for its remarkable advantages of high precise separation; it produces high grade ore concentrate or tailings after separation once only and turns out several products at the same time. Plane 6-S shaking table is easy to maintain and convenient to adjust, but covers large space and handle few materials per workshop area.

Shaking table is used to classify ore particles to non-compact layers or strings on the  table surface so as to separate the ores from each other according to different densities under the joint effect of symmetric reciprocating motion of a mechanical stone sheet on the sloping table surface and a thin layer of water on the sloping surface.  

Shunky shaking table, a combination of other domestic shaking table and gravity separation technology, is characterized by its high beneficiation ratio, high separation efficiency, and easy operation, etc. and produces the final ore concentrate and final tailings after separation once only. It performs better at lower cost than conventional tables because of its advantages of non-necessary application of additives, low energy consumption, and convenient management, etc.