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Chute Feeder

The Chute Feeder is widely used in the coal transmitting and thermal power plant. It is also can be used in Construction materials, Chemicals, Metallurgy and Mine departments etc. The machines run to feed the massive materials into the feeding equipment from materials warehouse (not applicable to powder-shape materials) .Chute Feeder can be put on the ground, or lifting on the discharging opening of the ore storage bin is OK. The baseboard of the chute does reciprocating motion. The frequency of stroke of it is 20-60 times/min, the stroke is 20-200mm. The stroke is as two times as the eccentric throw; and it can be adjusted by the eccentric wheel of the driving device. According to the experience of some dressing plants.

The chute feeder is suitable for concentrating, coal, chemical and other industry departments, the granular and pieces materials are carried into different set from the storage bin, but not suitable for carrying the concentrate power and other power material.