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6S Sand Making Machine

6S series vertical shaft impact crusher is based on the original high-performance VSI series and combined with actual running condition under different working conditions as well as operator’s feedback.It is advanced with low cost, high crushing ratio and intelligent operation.We improve the performance of 6S series vertical shaft impact crusher by perfecting the feeding mode,optimizing the crushing chamber, adapting new-design rotor,equipping with lifting device etc.Thanks to above new advantages, it reduces flow resistance of stones, increases throughput capacity,reduces wear rate of spare parts,increases utilization ratio,extends maintenance cycle and decreases repair time.6S series vertical shaft impact crusher has become the most advanced and most representative high-performance sand making equipment in China.


Materials are constantly conveyed to the stuff distributing plate of sand making machine and piled up. When crammed the chamber, the materials naturally fall into the hopper. After getting into the rotating impeller, they are accelerated by the high speed rotating impeller, and then shot through the tunnels around the impeller which can be 10 times of gravity acceleration. These materials in high speed crash with those in free falling (stone on stone), and then impact the plate that fixed on the whirlpool cavity (stone on iron). They will be rebounded and repeat the process again, thus the materials are constantly crushed. After impacted for several times in the whirlpool cavity, the crushed materials will be excluded through the bottom discharging hole.

1.Feed at center and sides is realized by the optimized-design stuff distributor and hydraulic device.It becomes convenient to adjust the stuff amount of center feeding and crushes sufficiently.
2.Crushing efficiency increases. Optimal emission port and smooth curve design decrease the stone’s flow resistance and increase the throughput capacity greatly.
3.Protecting plates adopt butt joint and exchange up and down after abrasion. It extends the lifespan of wearing parts, reducing the operation cost.  
4.Optimize the motor frame.Motor frame and operation platform adopt integration design, making it compact structure and reliable operation.
5.Motor frame adopts hydraulic adjustment. Advanced control element ensures balanced load of main shaft double sides.
6.Hydraulic lifting boom and crane make it easier to change the spare parts.
7.Leakage-proof design without oil seal and multi-pipes lubrication design lubricate the upper and lower bearings in the meantime, which increases bearing lifespan.
8.International advanced oil lubrication system. Double oil pumps ensure the supply of oil; stop the machine without oil flow or oil pressure; oil cooling and heating device ensures the bearing lubrication in a best state.
9.Automatic detecting device makes the machine safe and reliable by warning when the machine is abnormal.
10.Bearing is international top brand.

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Capacity(T/H)Center and ring feeding298-335520-650580-720
Center feeding236-268325-400468-518
Max. feeding length(mm)Soft material<50<50<50
Hard material<45<45<45
Rotation speed(r/min)1360-15101100-1310980-1180
Power of two motors(Kw)(160-185)×2(250-280)×2 (315-400)×2
Power source380V50Hz
Monitoring range of vibration sensor0.1-20mm/ continuous and adjustable
Hydraulic lubrication stationMotor power(Kw)2×0.31
SafetyComplementary double pumps ensure oil supply; no oil flow; no-oil-hydraulic-automatic-protection; water cooling; heating boot of motor in winter
Power of tank heater(Kw)2