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Shanghai Shunky Impact Crusher is Blue Chip in Artificial Sand Market

Time:2017-9-30 11:18:05
Since last year, energy-saving development model has already been the most important model for the construction building high efficiency and modernization. Actively respond to the call of Chinese government, environmental protection and energy saving are the bottom line of each industry. The construction industry needs large quantity concrete, which is also composed of many aggregates. Therefore, it’s our base to produce large quantity aggregates to confirm the economy stable.

In recent several years, the natural sand becomes exhausted, on the other hand, the development of fundamental construction needs the aggregates greatly. The local stone resources supply many materials for quarries. The quarry develops very well. However, the problems becomes more and more, such as the stone crushing machines are old and out of date, resources waste much, the aggregates grades don’t match national standard etc, which impede the development of sand industry.

For solving these problems, Shanghai Shunky researches the vertical shaft impact crusher for making sand. It appeals many investors and makes the quarry plant produce in an environmental protection way.

In the future, Shanghai Shunky will innovate continuously and produce more and more advanced equipment.
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