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Cone Crusher Hydraulic System Maintenance

Time:2017-8-15 15:52:06

Cone crusher is main equipment in the industry of sand making, cement and beneficiation. With the high speed development of crusher industry, after upgrading, the cone crusher’s marketing status is higher and higher, as well as more and more models. Hydraulic system is a main part of the cone crusher, which is a key effect in the aspect of crushing ability and production efficiency. Therefore, the factory should pay high attention to the maintenance of cone crusher hydraulic system.

Shanghai Shunky is a rich experienced cone crusher manufacture, for meeting the marketing demands and cone crusher running condition, we make a summary on the maintenance of cone crusher hydraulic system as following:

1.Clean the inner part of cone crusher thoroughly
As many cone crushers are working openair places, it is necessary to clean the dust frequently for prevent the dust, water and other waste into the machine.

2.Change the hydraulic oil frequently
Hydraulic oil will be polluted after long time using. For keeping its property, it’s essential to change the hydraulic oil in time. Moreover, when adding the oil, we must adopt the special filter and inject the reasonable oil level range. The right time is shortly after stopping running, as it is easy to clean out the oil and settling.  

3.Keep every parts of cone crusher clean
Before use, the material, pipelines and other system parts need clean strictly, and the absorbing parts need to maintenance.

4.Adapt closed oil tank
For preventing the foreign matters, the best choice is adapting closed oil tank and equipped with an air filter in the inlet.In a word, the property of hydraulic system affects the lifespan of cone crusher, therefore, every user should take reasonable measures to maintain the hydraulic system.

Shanghai Shunky produce every kinds of cone crushers professionally, we can guarantee our products quality and our products sell very hot at home and abroad.

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