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More Than 20 Sets of Crushers Exported to Indonesia

Time:2016-10-2 18:20:02

At the beginning of August, Shanghai SHUNKY signed a contract that exported more than 20 sets of crushers to Indonesia. After inspecting the factory, the customer was convinced by our quality and service under the efforts of all the departments and played the large order directly. The management paid full attention to this order and forwarded higher requirements on purchasing raw materials and machining. Also, the workersworked overtime almost every day and completed the production guaranteeing quality and quantity finally.

Under the efficient cooperation of each department, Shanghai SHUNKY delivered the crushers to Indonesia successfully in September 6th.    

Shanghai SHUNKY is highly praised by the customer for high standard on quality and service. At present, the customer has signed agency agreement with SHUNKY and is negotiating a new purchase order. With this, Shanghai SHUNKY will expand the market share in Indonesia significantly.

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