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Henan Sandtek Ball Mill is Energy Saving with Low Noise

Time:2016-8-30 23:43:37

The ball is the main equipment for grinding, but also for the cement industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry and sugar industry etc., which is widely used in crushing various hardness of coal. Ball mill, used in mining crushing, especially in factories that specialize in the production of stone or stone in high demand areas.

Henan Sandtek manufactures grinding mill with energy saving and environmental protection, safety and low noise, stable structure and easy to maintain. Nonetheless, there are still many areas that need to pay attention to. Because of improper operation, there will be block in coal grinding mill. When the ball mill is full of stone, airflow of cross-section is reduced or blocked, the ball buried in stone and almost useless for grinding stone.

Pressure increases of ball mill, negative pressure decreases or becomes positive pressure in inlet, negative pressure increases in outlet;  temperature drops for the mixture of flour and gas in outlet; when the positive pressure goes into ball mill, it will pour out the powder; cylinder reduce of the noise; power decline of ball mill and exhaust fan; powder pressure is reduced in outlet.When you find this phenomenon during operation, measures is necessary, otherwise it will affect productivity. Any problem, you can consult our experts.

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