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Four Tips for the Maintenance of Grinding Mill

Time:2016-3-17 19:29:03

1.During the operation of grinding mill, we should have professional personnel, the operator must be trained and professional on the principle and performance of grinding mill.

2.To make the grinding mill work smoothly, we should have "maintenance and safe operation of the system" to ensure long-term safe operation of grinding mill. At the same time, we must have the necessary repair tools and grease fittings.

3.After working for a period, the maintenance is necessary. Replacing wearing parts like roller, grinding ring and blade. The connecting bolt bolts and nuts of grinding roller should be carefully examined to make sure it is tight and enough greasing.

4.The roller device when working about 500 hours should be replaced, cleaning the roller of each bearing, and the damaged parts should be replaced. For refueling tools, we can choose manual refueling or grease gun.

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