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Why Ultra-fine Grinding Mill Has Excessive Noise

Time:2016-3-14 23:22:50

Ultra-fine grinding mill is equipped with environmental noise reduction device, usually not more than 80 db of noise under normal circumstances. But if the mechanical parts loosening or failure, it will cause excessive noise. The experienced operator distinguish according to noise of machine.Excessive noise of ultra-fine mill is mainly about several situations:

1.Loosen of bolt screw causes severe vibration of grinding mill.

2.Excessive feeding, it will also lead to severe vibration mill, generate noise.

3.Serious abrasion of blade leads to unbalanced blade and friction.

4.Check the grinding ring and roller. Badly worn roller can no longer rotates smoothly on the ring lead to noise.

5.Check whether there are accumulation of dust on the fan blades, which leads to rotating deviate from the center and vibrating.

6.Check whether the fan blade is in abrasion, if any should be replaced.

Ultra-fine grinding mill made by Henan Sandtek Heavy& Technology Industry Co, Ltd., is a kind of new environmentally friendly equipment. The entire system has noise reduction during processing, working in a closed room for preventing the spread of noise. In addition, ultra-fine grinding mill is also equipped with dust removal equipment, and exhaust emissions is in full compliance with national environmental requirements. It is ideal equipment for powder processing .

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