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Shunky Mobile Crushing Station Helps With Construction Waste Recycling

Time:2016-2-23 19:25:36

In recent years, large scale transformation of villages makes garbage piled up. In terms of construction waste, how can we deal with it? In previous days, the construction waste is shipped or pilled in the open air. It is seriously affected the ecological environment and people's health. The buried construction waste is not easily biodegradable, which is a waste of land resources and causes water pollution. The construction waste also increases the rate of air pollution even fog and haze .

In fact, the mobile crushing station easily pick the rubble construction waste, waste mortar, brick, concrete blocks, etc. After sorting, excluded or crushed, most of which can be recycled. After processed by mobile crushing plant, the aggregate can be used for a variety of brick, concrete block, or road bedding, contributing for China's resource conservation and environmental protection. in addition to efficiently handle construction garbage, the mobile crusher station has also been widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemicals, building materials, utilities of high mobility. The device is reasonable graded, smoothly running, reliable, easy to operate and energy efficient .

The mobile crushing station not only to avoid land contamination, air pollution, but also make the building resources recycled. It is energy saving and environmental protection, finding a way out for personnel of new crushing industry.

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