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Crusher Requires Qualified Operator

Time:2015-9-29 18:27:56

For this complex Crushing machinery, it has higher requirements for some operator. It may cause great damage. If do not pay much attention, it may hurt our personnel.  For the operator of crusher,What is the main requirement of operating?

In fact, when it comes to the requirements of crusher operators, he must meet the demand of appropriate qualifications. For example, for the operator, formal training and driving license is necessary. And, in addition, we should have a more detailed understanding for performance of crusher.

In addition, the crusher operator must have general understanding on the various performance of the device, the structure as well as working principle to resolve the problem. Moreover, about the equipment maintenance, some simple and easy faults of maintenance we should handle.

Another point is that we need other procedures to cooperate with gravel crushing machine in the construction process, so it requires operators be positive with other staffs. For example, conveying of the scraper, we need to have a specialized delivery personnel, since transport will affect the entire crushing process. Moreover, it may affect the quality of crusher.

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