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Promote the Performance of Crusher for Security

Time:2015-9-7 17:57:53

Recently, the safety committee of the state council plenary meeting was held in Beijing. It pointed out that all localities and departments promotes the security responsibility and comprehensive measures to strengthen production safety, so the total quantity of accident in the key industry sectors like coal and mine continue to decline. While the situation is still grim, major workplace accidents, illegal behavior, non-traditional safety issues in high-risk industry field is still urgent. At the same time, the meeting stressed that actively promote coal mine mechanization, automation, informatization, strengthening emergency rescue system of mining, petrochemical tank field, inland waterway transport, which can vigorously improve the level of security.

As we all know, the crusher is widely used in coal mines, roads, Bridges, construction and other industries, especially for coal mining industry, and it caused highly attention from all walks of life due to its high risk of coal industry. Of course, there are various factors affecting the safety of coal mine industry. It is better to solve safety problems from the source. The crusher is widely used in coal mine industry, in addition to the timely replacement of vulnerable parts, wear parts, the regular maintenance, the most radical solution is to improve the performance from research and development.

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