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Why Does Big Disparity Exsit among Mine Crushers?

Time:2015-8-6 17:50:27

When we purchase any kind of product, price will alwways the dominant factors we consider. Cheap price can easily draw people's attentions and result consumptions. This also does in mining crusher industry. Many enterprises use cheap prices to atrract customers. However, shouldn't we question ourself why their price is so low?

They generally do not have a standard mining crusher plant. At the same time, in order to reduce costs, they generally use non-standard steel products. Some parts, screws and even euiped devices with the crusher are are also jerry-builded. Some users to save the money temporarily and bought this crushers. Then they found it dosn,t work normally. The after-sales service is out of the question. They just slight over customer's questions. No real questions are solved. These dealer attracts customers through cheap price at first. After customer's paid the earnest money, they will raise the price. That's whiy big disparity exist in nowaday mining cruhsing markets.

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